Washing Machine Brands to Avoid (Pick From These Brands Instead)

washing machine brands to avoid

 It is necessary to know what washing machine brands offer the best quality and what washing machine brands to avoid. Hence, before sealing the deal, do comprehensive research on a brand you want to buy and find the most reliable ones. Here is a complete package for you, including the best and worst washing machine brands.

Types of Washing Machines

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Front-loading and top-loading washing machines are the two main types of washing machines depending on the machine structure.

Before you make a final deal, make sure you know the basics of these machines plus their pros and cons.  So, you can buy what you need.

Front-Loading Washing Machines

As the name indicates, front-loading washing machine opens from the front. You bend down and load the laundry load by opening the door in front of the device. Some machines have a single door, while others come with two door options.  

front-loading washing mashines

Benefits of Front-Loading Machines

Capacity and Energy efficiency

Front-loading machines are more energy-efficient than top-loading machines as they don’t have an agitator and there is more space inside for clothes. It increases 20% to 30% space for clothes. If you frequently washcloth and have a big family, the extra area can save your electricity usage.

Space saver

If you live in an apartment or your space doesn’t have a separate laundry room, the front-loading machine can prove good as it is space-friendly. It is compacted in size, and you can stack front-loading on top of another.

Drawbacks of Front-Loading Machines


The front-loading machine has the significant drawback of its front door. Older or backache patients cannot comfortably use it. Plus, it may need an additional pedestal that raises the machine to get the standard height.

Less cleaning power

As said earlier, the front-loading machine does not have agitators that swirl clothes in alternate circulate directions. It cannot clean clothes as well as the top-loader does.  

Top-Loading Washing Machines

Top-loading machines are more traditional, with a door on top of the machine. You can quickly load and unload clothes without bending.

top-loading washing machine

Benefits of Top-Loading Washing Machines

Better drain – no risk of mold or smell

Top-loading machines drain water downwards. When water is perfectly cleaned from the tub, the risk of mold or smell is gone. But front-loading machine lacks this feature and gives smell plus a moldy tub.



The top-loading washing machine is easy to use and convenient as you don’t have to bend over to load and unload clothes. Similarly, if you have back issues or are older enough to afford multiple bending, the top-loading machine is ideal. Plus you can add clothes when it is working.

top loading washing machine

Drawbacks of Top-Loading Machines

Higher electricity consumption

The front-loading machine consumes more energy and water than a front-loading machine, and as a result, electricity consumption is increased


The price of front-loading washer machine is comparatively higher than top-loading, but it is worth it. It is easy to use feature plus better cleaning, and no mold makes this type long-lasting.

When buying a machine, remember to keep its good and bad sides in your mind. Your priorities and needs also make any brand the best for you. Above all, what the repairman says also matter.

For example, it is highly recommended to use stainless steel drum or tub machines for their robust material. Other materials like plastic or porcelain are prone to damage and minimize the life of the machine.

Similarly, machines’ spin cycle determines machines’ efficiency. The washer machines with high revolutions per minute are better dry. So, it works for a long time without causing problems.

Why You Should Avoid Some Brands

Some brands sell washing machines at high rates but deliver poor quality, and there is no excuse to avoid them. A buyer expects better cleaning in short wash times without damaging clothes and wants a good warranty.  

At the same time, it is also believed that machines are energy efficient with low water and electricity consumption, but some brands don’t offer these features. The long wash cycles and short warranty add some brands to the ‘Brands to avoid’ list. Similarly, you should avoid brands that offer several washer machine models with high energy consumption and blow your bills up.

Washing Machine Brands to Avoid


Whirpool is an average washing machine brand with a mix of good and bad machines, but customers did not like this model for its grunting sound during the sensor wash, and it takes too long to wash. Similarly, it doesn’t clean well and leaves spots on the clothes. Because of poor water levels, clothes also get tangled.


The washing machines of Equator have the technology, but their features are not as good as others. For example, Equator – EZ 4400 stops and displays errors on the screen. The dry cycle is not fully functioning, and the washer works on a small load. The clothes come out with wrinkles when you put on some extra load. Above all, it gets poor after-sale customer support from the company.


 Danby is one of the top washing machine brands to avoid. This portable washing machine extremely disappointed users with a poor spin cycle and insufficient cleaning. Stains do not get removed, and the level of water never fills automatically. Repairing and maintenance costs are high, and their customer service is also poor. 



Summit also perfectly fits the washing machine brands to avoid as its poor quality needs to keep a repair person in reach. There is no mechanism to detect the required water level in this model and badly leave stains on the clothes. The simple wash takes too long; even the dryer takes 5 to 6 hours to dry a load.  



Once Samsung was on the top of the best washers, their models came from China. This model produces noise even users claim that sound is so high that it gives the feel of two to three machines working simultaneously. Above all, Samsung does not make accommodations for a faulty product.

What Should I look for When Buying a Washing Machine?

The tub or drum of the washing machine should be broad and deep.

The washer’s capacity in terms of dry clothes must be high, like 5 or 6 kg.

If the machine is unable to wash and remove stains, it is of no use.

There are several washing machines with dryers, and it makes washing easy so that you can consider this option.

Don’t select a washing machine with high water and electricity consumption.

The cost of the machine must not be too high.

Qualities of a Good Washing Machine

If you are looking for a good and reliable washing machine, check these qualities:

  • First, it must be noiseless and do not give heavy vibrations or shocks.
  • Size is the next factor. It must be have large capacity to accommodate wash load.
  • It must be efficient and have low electricity consumption.
  • Wash settings must be easy to understand.
  • Spin cycle should allow different types of clothes to be washed.

What Brand of Washing Machine is Most Reliable?


LG is one of the most reliable washing machine brands established in 1950s and it offers a huge range of conventional plus smart washer machines. LG machines are sleek and well-designed. Above all, they are energy efficient and give a huge range of cycles based on your needs.

For example this LG washing machine brand is quite popular among users and a mom says you would not be disappointed with its high quality, and it saves time plus dries well. Just follow the tips on manual and you are good to go.  



Toshiba machines are great to make an impression as their models have water temperature settings, child lock, quick wash option and anti-bacterial gasket. LED display also makes washing convenient.

A mom says about this Toshiba top-load washing machine that it is the best machine ever and installed quickly. She claims that it is noiseless with good performance and dries well.  


Speed Queen

Speed queen is well-worth the money and if your machines often develop mold and mildew, you must choose speed queen as it is free from this problem and can serve for years to come.

A mom appreciates this speed queen laundry pair for its noiseless operation and larger capacity for comfortable washing experience and says it is everything you need.



Equator home appliances brand has a good range of reliable washing machines with great efficiency. Their washer machines are finest with good manufacturing strategy.

A mom shared her views about this equator washing machine model that ‘It is best unit ever.’ The washer and dryer units are great for a tiny house. Additionally, it washes clothes bed sheets and towels quite well.



Comfee washing machine brand is excellent and gives quality products in affordable prices.

Among many satisfied users, a mom shares her experience about this comfee washing machine model that this portable washer is just awesome.

Related Questions

Which type of washing machine is better? Front-loading or top-loading?

Deciding on a better choice between front and top-loading machines highly depends on your needs. If you are easy to work in a bending position, the front-loading machine is good with low energy consumption and saves space. But if you are not fit enough and have a room, you can use the top-loading machine.

Are agitators better in the washing machine?

Agitators are structures present in the machines for the back and forth movement of clothes when washing. These agitators help in better cleaning of clothes but have potential risk to damage the clothes exceptionally soft and delicate clothes.

What are the best brands for washing machines?

Toshiba, LG washing machine, Maytag, and GE washer machines are the best brands for machines. These brands have machines with the best quality and offer other premium features like having robust materials, long life, not wasting water, and giving outstanding cleaning in minimum time. 

What type of washer cleans clothes the best?

Top-loading washing machines are far better at cleaning clothes than front-loading machines. This is because agitator is present in these machines that efficiently remove tough stains. On the contrary, front-loading machines use less detergent and have no outstanding cleaning power.

What types of washers are incredibly gentle and won't destroy clothes?

Front-loading washers are considered highly gentle and do not destroy clothes for their milder washing. These machines gently handle clothes without tearing and ripping as the tub is quite large with no agitator that allows smooth spinning.

Do I need an extended warranty on my washing machine?

Usually, washing machine brands offer a warranty for at least 12 months. You may also need to register with the manufacturer to qualify for it. But if it is your first experience with any particular brand or has heard some issues, so as a safe side, you can pay for an extra warranty.

What washing machine brand lasts the longest?

Speed queen washer is the best washing machine brand as they have designed washer machines and other laundry equipment since 1908, and their quality I measured in decades. Above all, speed queen washing machines are great to clean and dry and last for about 10 years.  

How long should a washing machine last?

According to a consumer report, washing machines last for around 10 years, on average. Some newer models are far better and efficient than older ones in structure, design, and functioning. So, it also matters on your handling and how often you use it.

Why is my washing machine rocking?

Usually, washing machines rock if clothes are not distributed evenly in the tub. Therefore, always make sure to evenly spread cloths in the tub so they cannot mix up. Secondly, it may also shake if you have overloaded the machine so remove some of your clothes.

How do I stabilize my washing machine?

You can stabilize the washing machine by placing it in an even place. Balance out the basket by adding specific loads in each turn and check the washer’s feet. If they are unbalanced, your machine probably doesn’t perform well. Placing some anti-vibrant rubber feet pads also works best.


What is kg in the washing machine?

KG in the washing machine is referred to as the size or capacity of a washing machine to wash without wasting power and time comfortably. For example, a 5kg machine can fit a maximum of five kilograms of dry laundry.

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