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What are Spanish tiles called?

The Spanish term for this type of decorative tile is “Majolica”, which is distinguishable by its distinct milky-white glaze. Around the 17th century, the name “Talavera” (after the Spanish ceramic center of Talavera de la Reina) also became synonymous with tin-glazed pottery.

How good are Spanish tiles?

Spanish tiles are renowned for their beautiful, long lasting and varieties of design. They have produced expressive color combination with great quality product which carries Islamic and Arabic culture and tradition in 8th century. In the early age Spanish tiles are used for decorating their churches as wel leo.

How long do Spanish tiles last?

Long lifespan – Thanks to its durability in severe weather conditions, Spanish tiles will literally last a lifetime, potentially up to 100 years or more. Thanks to its longevity, most companies like Ludowici will offer a 50-year warranty or 70-year material warranty. leo.

Where do Spanish tiles come from?

Spanish tiles can be traced back thousands of years. The tiles were artistic creations when they were first invented, and exclusive to Southern and Eastern Spain.

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