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You should tile the ceiling to help protect it from moisture.

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If  your bathroom tends to get moist or you are installing a steam shower, you should tile the ceiling to help protect it from moisture. Any other way, the best an ideal opportunity to introduce tile on the roof is on the off chance that you are doing a highlight divider in the shower, and need to expand the tile overhead.


As an ever-increasing number of homeowners go tiling to make their shower encompassing rather than relying on ready-made one-piece units, many questions regarding the style and capacity of the shower emerge. This incorporates the choice of roof tiles or not. In some toilets, this is just an individual choice which can come from the type of land tile you are using and the particular example. In different bathrooms, notwithstanding, the tile on the roof is not a choice – it is a need.

The tallness of a Cascade

The height of your shower roof could be anywhere from 7 to 10 feet. In fact, the size of the roof has basically nothing to do with whether you do it or not; it is the height of the shower head that is important.

According to many building laws, there should be about three – and sometimes six – ramps of waterproof material introduced into the shower head. This includes the roof assuming the roof goes within that three to six-inch range.

This way, if your shower head is inserted just under the roof, you must tile the roof to pass the survey. Since each state has a somewhat unique structure and more stringent plumbing codes than others

Individual Choice

Assuming your shower head is well under the roof, then at this point, the tiling becomes an individual choice. Assuming your bathroom usually has a humidifier, you install a steam shower, you need to tile the roof to help protect it from moisture.

Otherwise, the best chance to introduce roof tiles is to assume that you are making an accent divider in the shower and need to widen the tile above.

To keep your toilet free, perform these 14 propensities:

  1. Always turn on the toilet fan
  2. Open windows after a shower, assuming you have them
  3. Hang your washcloth, or wipe dry
  4. Put your shower items on a dish or rack of cleanser
  5. Rolette later with each shower
  6. Use a day-to-day shower spray
  7. Keep the entrance or the curtain open later in each shower
  8. Wash your towels regularly
  9. Wash your shower curtain and sunshade
  10. Wash shower mats regularly
  11. Operate a dehumidifier, assuming you have one.
  12. Wipe off the water when you see it
  13. Replace broken toilet grout
  14. Pass these tips on to everyone in the family

Pros of tiling a shower ceiling

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Easy to clean

Tiles require less cleaning than different types of dividers and floors. All you want is a brush and a mop to keep it very well maintained. It doesn’t trap residue or soil without a problem.

Assortment of plans

 Tiles are particularly suitable for renovation because they are available in such a wide range of plans.


Tiles have an incredibly solid meaning, they can last a very long time at a time without the mileage of use. It is solid and will continue for negligible repair.

Repels Moisture

Tiles are water-resistant and help reduce humidity in the toilet


There are endless ways to arrange the restroom based on the tile choices. You can choose different tones and examples to create a dazzling bathroom.

Although the expense is higher than another choice tile, it will last longer without requiring repair and long-term damage repair. For tiling, a floor-to-roof bathroom is $ 35 / m2 to $ 120 / m2. 

Cons of tiling a shower ceiling

The problem to a fully tiled bathroom is that it tends to be more costly to tile the entire space, especially for larger bathrooms. Supposing you also go for more luxurious tiles, it will charge you a lot more at this point.


It won’t be a one day activity, it will be several days and you should be detailed if you plan to make a plan with tiles.

Direct Costs

You will spend more directly than going with any other type of backdrop. This might force you to reconsider plowing the toilet


 Not all tiles are created equal and some of them are heavy and difficult to work with. In the event that you are trying to do this without someone else’s help, this might not be the most ideal choice.

Sum up

Pros vs Cons

Require less cleaning


Last longer without requiring repair

You will spend more cost

Tiles are water resistance

All tiles are not equal

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