Mauve Color Modern Bedroom Ideas

mauve color palette
Mauve Color Modern Bedroom Ideas

Mauve is new pink in modern homes! It is named after a flower, mauve, that is a pale purple hue with shades of pink, violet, and sometimes red, depending on the light. You can also say it is a particular shade of purple because it has a mix of light and dark tones representing purplish shades in different hues. However, it is not today’s color but often neglected in room décor.

There are endless ways of adding a hint of mauve in the room, and whether you are renovating a house or designing an entirely new home, mauve is equally best for every room plan, and you can add it in flooring, bedding, ceiling, and wall to wall theme.

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Mauve Color Scheme – Color Palette

The best thing about the mauve color scheme is its shades that lean towards neutral hues, gray shades, and unsaturated tones for modern home decoration themes and make a new look.

What a dreamy bedroom it is, surrounded by woods, sunshine, plants, colors, and what not! But, don’t let it in your dreams and bring in reality by transforming the space you live in. All you need is to decide on some color scheme and plan how everything synchronizes perfectly. Let the bed plan be simple and target varying mauve tones. Go for medium mauve bed fabrics and couple with purple cushions and a glass wall. Look at the magenta sofa facing towards a large window. Isn’t it spectacular? You can also use two colors for window treatment, the first mauve and choose brown for the other side. Plus, don’t ignore the wooden details of the room with a special place for a tree with a ceiling hole. It shows your respect towards nature despite all modern décor, and it is worth it.

Try something new and bring a twist in your room with the mauve color palette.

A nicely decorated room is a perfect place to unload from daily fatigue, and there is no other way but to make it well-lit with side lamps. A bed without a headboard allows setting in different ways. You can spread an embossed bed sheet of mauve hue and plan three-cushion layering, keeping a pair of cushions printed with dark purple tone to complement the bed sheet, and set another pair of mini cushions. Similarly, go different, and instead of pillows, use white cushions as the third layer and coverlet to balance the room outlook. A reclaimed headboard feature wall with fawn central space is indeed a sight to behold.

If you want to sparkle your single bedroom with a mauve hue, there would be no better chance. This ideally designed apartment room has multiple shades of mauve and purple naturally combined with beige. Keep the walls purplish mauve and make a sleek white border at the bottom to outline the room. Dotted bed cover of the same hue, pumpkin style cushion, and diagonally placed handwoven coverlet is giving the true meaning of style. Plus, notice one side of the bed has a storage table while the other is a working bench with an illuminating lamp and a multicolored seat. But remember the color of the furniture is the same, Beige!

Mauve is perfect for a girl’s room to add a creative spirit.

Mauve is perfect for a girl’s room to add a creative spirit. You can pair up pink mauve walls with a cool undertone and use crisp white as its counter color. This pairing of hues is clear from the white curtains on big white windows and a table with a pink lampshade. At the same time, pink, rust, bright aqua, and lime flower pattern on the bed cover allows transforming room with these colors. Stuff toy and a pink bag hanging on the front shows kids have quality time in this beautifully crafted room.

Let the light come into your room! This spacious room has a romantic spell of mauve. Everything is so carefully balanced that nothing can outshine others. The cream and mauve hue complement each other, and the room looks a masterpiece of sophistication. You can also take inspiration from this mauve color scheme and use light-dark tones in window treatment, single-colored bed coverings, and velvety cushions. Give the room interior and furniture a soft touch of creamy shade and keep everything neutral. The candle stand and glass vase add charm to the space, plus having a large window allows the sun to brighten up your day.

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