8 Common Lawn mower starts then dies problems (solved)

Lawn mower starts then dies

Well, it’s a holiday! And such a pleasant day the sun is shining and your lawn needs the great smell of new cut grass. There’s actually nothing similar to it. Moreover, you feel desperate when your Lawnmower starts then dies, and then your feelings are bad for some reason. There is a little frustration and you graze and think about your mower and why it is not running.

Indeed, this insane situation just destroyed your end of the week, and your inspiration just departed for good due to a breaking down cutting machine, you’re in good company my companion. Actually, like us, there are days when something turns out badly and we can’t do anything right.

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Lawn Mower starts then Dies / Usual Die Reasons and How to fix them

However, grass trimmers are fundamental machines that you can without much of a stretch fix assuming you read our investigating guides. Instantly, your end of the week can refocus and you’ll whistle away while cutting your grass and transforming your grass into a bowling green once more

There are various potential causes why a grass cutter beginnings then, at that point, passes on. It very well may be a disappointment with the flash attachment, absence of gas stream to the motor, a stopped up air channel and the most well-known is a filthy carburetor.

In reality, the majority of the issues that slow down the motor while it is simply beginning come from the carburetor. Yet, what is a carburetor, and what is its capacity? It’s a most significant piece of a motor but can be the primary driver of lawnmower issues?


Now we would discuss the usual issues why your lawn mower starts then dies. The issue is logical with a gummed or obstructed carburetor. It might sound complex. We’ll assist you with distinguishing the issues and potential fixes so you can attempt to save money on fixed bills.

Dirty or defective spark plugs

Quite possibly the most widely recognized reason that a lawnmower starts then dies is an issue with the sparkle plug. On the off chance that your lawnmower fires up in any case, passes on trying to trim your grass, you could have an awful flash fitting. The sparkle plug works with the start curl to make a coordinated flash in the chamber, Since the flash attachment delivers the sparkle to finish the air-combination ignition, once there is a carbon develop between the side cathode and the middle anode which is the piece of the sparkle plug that produces an electrical sparkle, there is no chance of sparkle as these two sections need to have an unmistakable hole for the power to hop from one terminal to the next.

Carbon stores can be brought about by an excessively rich gas-air combination or it very well maybe because of a stopped up air channel. One more reason for flash fitting disappointment is because of oil stores that can be brought about by the breakage of the sparkle plug tube seal. This seal or gasket forestalls oil defilement when there is a spilling of oil during oil recharging or oil over spilling. Soil can likewise get into the seat of the sparkle plug and defile the terminal.

How to Fix

The best thing to do with carbon stores is to clean them by first detaching the flash fitting from the wire cap. You can simply pull it off with your mind. Then, at that point, utilizing an attachment unscrew the sparkle plug be certain not to harm the porcelain neck. Clean the attachment seat to guarantee no residue or carbon stores remain. Utilize a wire brush when cleaning the hole between the side and the middle anodes and shower this with a fitting cleaner or a carb cleaner. In the event that you don’t have a wire brush, you could utilize sandpaper or a little nail to wipe out the hole.

With oil stores because of breakage of the seal, best to supplant the sparkle plug with another one however clean the fitting seat first. In the event that oil keeps on saturating the flash fitting chamber, this could mean the issue comes from inside the chamber like a faltering gasket or the rings of the cylinder have exhausted. For this situation, better carry your machine to a shop for fixes.

Dirty Carburetor


Carburetors have heaps of screws so each of these ought to be fixed on the grounds that the loads inside are the place where the air and gas blend and goes through. In the event that there’s a break because of a free carburetor, there will be a lacking progression of fuel and the atomization of gas will be impacted. With a temperamental air-gas combination, the mower starts then dies often.

Your carburetor has a metal fuel stream with small exact fuel feed openings. Assuming any of these openings get obstructed, your motor will delay, it does as such on the grounds that it’s not getting sufficient gas – motor running lean.

This condition separated from being aggravating is awful for your motor. A motor that runs lean, runs hot. The soil in the carburetor is essentially brought about by flotsam and jetsam entering through the fuel tank and flat gas.

In case the carburetor is greasy or free, it will not have the option to keep a consistent inventory of gas for the motor’s legitimate working.

How to Fix

Fixing a lawnmower is quite easy. Continuously check if the carb is fixed immovably with the goal that it can keep up with an adequate gas stream. Whenever you’ve guaranteed that it would require a decent cleaning utilizing a carb cleaner.

Additionally, don’t put the air channel yet. First, check whether the motor turns over without that and in case it does put the air channel and attempt to begin. If the lawnmower starts then dies, it’s an ideal opportunity to clean or change the air filter. Assuming that it actually doesn’t sort it out, you’re potentially checking out a defective carburetor or one of the different causes referenced underneath.

Make it a routine to check your carburetor consistently to check whether everything is gotten and immovably fixed. Squirm the carburetor a digit and test the snugness of the screws utilizing a screwdriver

Dirty Air Filter or Clogged Air Filter


Another Reason why your lawn mower starts then dies is a stopped-up or filthy air channel blocks the wind current to blend in with the fuel. Helpless wind stream causes the lawnmower motor to kick the bucket in almost no time after the beginning. Since the trimmer regularly gets soil and garbage from the yard, the channel rapidly gets stopped up that should be cleaned.

Assuming that there is lacking air going to the motor as a result of a grimy air channel, this can make the air-fuel proportion to be excessively rich hence can cause falters or slowing down of the machine. So before you turn over the motor, remember to check the air channel which is extremely simple to eliminate and clean. There are 3 kinds of air channels for lawn mowers and each type requires a particular cleaning strategy. These are the froth, paper, and double components.

Air filters are made of strong permeable material that can be cleaned with compacted air. In case it’s excessively filthy, you can eliminate it and wash it in tepid water with a dish cleanser. You would then be able to get it dry with air or leave it outside for some time.

How to Fix
air cleaner hose

There are some easy steps from which you can fix your dirty air filter or clogged air filter. You shouldn’t run the motor without an air channel. A lawnmower without a channel will suck soil and trash straightforwardly inside the machine.

A grimy froth air channel just necessities washing with cleanser and water and crushing until all the soil and oil buildup are no more. Then, at that point, dry it by pressing it again while enclosed by a perfect material. You can put some oil drops of motor oil on the wipe and press it again to spread it. This is to make the wipe more viable in sifting through residue and soil coming from the air and soil.


Too Much Oil in your Reservoir

oil filler cap

There is another usual reason why your lawn mower starts then dies is by putting an excess of oil in the crankcase. So assuming that you have cleared out the carburetor including ensuring every one of the openings are liberated from soil and ooze. Then, at that point, you start your trimmer and there’s white smoke coming from the motor, this is likewise a potential reason for a slowing down grass cutter. In case the oil has been overloaded. This implies that a portion of the motor parts is being suffocated by a lot of oil and the abundance will be consuming which delivers the white smoke.

A shallow sign that can assist with recognizing this is the point at which there’s smoke emerging from the motor. This will make the motor in the end slow down because of benefiting from an excessive amount of oil.

How to Fix

To know whether an excess of oil in the crankcase is making the grass trimmer beginning then, at that point, bite the dust, slant the machine up, and secure its handle with a weighty item to hold it. This will permit the oil to circle into various pieces of the motor that are difficult to reach by oil. Allow your cutter to remain in this situation for an hour then, at that point, run its motor for a couple of moments and notice assuming it’s slowing down and the white smoke vanishes. In case the motor continues to color and white smoke actually shows up, do the following arrangement.

Too much oil in your reservoir can create problems in your lawnmower and maybe stop it, therefore you have to follow all the above instructions and fix it by running the lawnmower motor many times and reducing its speeds when smoke disappears.


Other Serious Reason why Your Lawn Mower starts then dies

Other than the reasons referenced above, there can be some other minor and some more significant issues why your lawnmower continues to die. Notwithstanding, in the event that you don’t feel open to taking a stab at all that examined here, it’s consistently an insightful choice to employ an expert or visit a helping shop. Let’s investigate different motivations behind why self-impelled or riding mower starts then dies.

Faulty Choke


A faulty Choke is another serious reason why a lawn mower starts then dies a choke is only a metal fold that keeps air from entering the carburetor. This aids a chilly motor warm-up by making a more extravagant fuel blend. At the point when the motor has heated up, the choke is turned which opens the fold once more.

Yet, assuming your lawn mower continues to die even after you gag the motor, undoubtedly there is an issue with the stifling framework or with the channel get-together or the choke linkage.

Presently assuming the gag is terrible, the fold won’t open, and the motor will get an excess of gas and no air. It will make the motor slow down. Recognizing a flawed gag is difficult and fixing it is an issue if it’s your first time. It additionally depends on whether your motor has a manual fold, programmed fold, or no gag and a groundwork bulb all things considered.


Assuming that you’re not certain about actually looking at the gagging framework or the linkages and your yard trimmer will not’ stay running, better take your machine to an auto shop. The technician will refine the gag or change it or may supplant parts as essential.

Blocked Gasoline cap or Blockage in the gas tank

Fuel filler cap of lawn mower

Another serious reason is perhaps the most well-known problem why your lawnmower starts then dies blockage in the gas line or tank. Some soil might have inadvertently dropped into the tank while you are gas topping off and caused the blockage. In the end, the blockage will tighten or stop the progression of fuel into the motor making your yard trimmer run then, at that point, stop.

These holes are liable for keeping up with the gaseous tension so that gas can move unreservedly into the carburetor.


So what should you do there is always a solution available from which you can clean these openings with a slim wire. Assuming you see that the cap is exhausted or self-destructing, then, at that point, supplant it and get another one

Assuming that you find there is a blockage in the fuel tank, you can do a couple of things to dispense with the slop or soil. You can either deplete the gas trusting that the blockage will stream out with the gas, or siphon the blockage if it’s too huge to even think about going through the hose yet this requires an extraordinary method. These methods are well enough you have to implement on all these things to get rid of blocked gasoline cap or blockage in the gas tank.

Clogged Carburetor Bowl

Most carburetors in an inside burning motor are outfitted with a bowl, which is only a little gas tank mounted on the carb that directs the fuel stream. These dishes are upheld by a screw that goes into an opening under the carburetor.

In case the bowel is obstructed, the fuel-to-air proportion will be compromised and without ignition, the lawnmower won’t work. To fix it, start by taking a sprayer of cleaner (implied for carburetors) and give the bowl a decent shower with the carb cleaner.

Assuming the opening in this screw gets stopped up because of gas dregs or soil, the descending development of fuel from the channel would be cut off and that could be an explanation your lawnmower begins then, at that point, stops

This is intended to break down the carbon particles and clean the outer layer of your carburetor bowl.


For that, you should eliminate the bowl from the cutter. Eliminate the screws and clean them alongside the opening in the carburetor bowl completely.

This opening may get obstructed, which will hold the gas back from moving unreservedly to and from the bowl. To clean the bowl, you want to eliminate it utilizing a suitable attachment wrench and afterward clean the bowl and the opening for the screw. You can utilize carb cleaner for the bowl and screw, and a meager wire for the opening.

Wrong Ignition Coil on a Lawn Mower

The coiling on the ignition coil can break up and low-slung out when a mower is burning. When this happens, the spark entrapments are unfit to pick up the voltage they take to produce spark. This can make your lawn mower to close after it’s been rolling for a while.

Conclusion or when it’s time to call a Professional

Fixing a mower that essentially begins isn’t as difficult as it might appear. More often than not, the issue is settled by cleaning or revamping the carburetor or supplanting the air channel. Over the long haul, oil and soil cause them to obstruct, which shortens the power provided to keep the cutter running.

The best strategy for restricting such events is normal to help which doesn’t cost an extraordinary arrangement and will save you a huge load of time and energy. Another huge thing you truly need to recall is to reliably keep the carburetor, air channel, and engine oil clean. We moreover propose keeping an additional blaze module occasion of the emergency.

You can follow the strategies we talked about to have a go at fixing it yourself, however, there’s no damage in looking for a proficient assist who with willing to make short work of your mower with next to no cerebral pains. However, there’s consistently that sensation of achievement when responding to the call yourself.

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